About Arthur

About Arthur


I've lived in Northeast Travis County Precinct One for over 40 Years. I am the tenth of eleven children of the Sampson's Family.

At an early age my father taught me the value of a good hard days work. I honor my father by working hard every day. Now I want to work hard for the citizens of Travis County Precinct One.

Education and Professional Training


I've worked for the City of Austin for over 30 years.

While working with the City of Austin, as a Project Coordinator, Inspector, Plan Reviewer, and Estimator, I have overseen multi-million dollar projects to ensure that they were within budget and completed on time. I developed strong skills in resolving conflicts with citizens, contractors, and city staff. Contractors, my co-workers, and management have recognized me for my dedication.

I've served as a Certified Commissioned Texas Peace Officer for 12 years.

As a Police Officer I took an oath to protect and serve. As a resident of Northeast Austin, Travis County Precinct One, I also understand the problems that exist between the community and law enforcement. I am committed to use my experience as a former police officer to bring the community and law enforcement together.

As a Veteran I proudly served our County in the United States Armed Forces

Small Business Owner / Affordable Housing

I understand the need for affordable housing in Travis County. I intend to work with the Commissioner Court to ensure that all available funds for affordable housing are used as intended.

Community Involvement

Awards and Recognition