Arthur on the Issues

My 30 years of experience and knowledge has prepared me for the responsibilities that I will face as Travis County Commissioner for Precinct One. I will be focusing on following issues;


I want to maintain a AAA Bond Rating.

The new 2016 budget is approximately $951.34 Million Dollars.

I want to avoid Increasing Taxes by Eliminate Wasteful Spending.

Develop a long term service plan for maintenance of our County Roads, Bridges, and Parks.


Population of Travis County is approximately 1.2 million people.

Travis County is approximately 1,023 square miles and Precinct One is approximately 272 square miles. This includes East and Northeast Austin, Manor, Pflugerville, Village of Webberville, and Austin Colony.

I want to improve response time for Sheriff, Fire, and EMS. Sheriff Department patrols approximately 205 square miles in Travis County Precinct One. I have a plan to add additional Sheriff Deputies in Precinct One and I want to have community policing.

Travis County Fire Department "Emergency Service District (ESD)" covers approximately 205 square miles. ESD #12 Manor - approximately 95 square miles. ESD #4 Austin Colony - approximately 33 square miles & ESD #2 Pflugerville - approximately 77 square miles. We need Emergency Service District (ESD) to expand to the Village of Webberville.


I will work with other Government Agencies to develop a public transportation system, in rural areas of Travis County Precinct One. I have a plan, start with buses from rural areas of Travis County Precinct One to the city limits of Austin until we can get an approved Public Transportation System in rural areas of Travis County.


I want to ensure that our Roads, Bridges, Parks, and Railroad Crossing are properly maintain and build new roads and bridges where needed. Construct new Water and Wastewater System with Governmental Agencies and Mud Districts where need.

I will work with Government Agencies and Mud Districts to improve existing services & lower the cost of water & wastewater services. The basic rate in some rural areas of Precinct One is approximately $80.00 just to get solid waste, water and wastewater service.


I will seek "Maximum Fines" on illegal dumping and illegal construction and/or manufacturing run off. We need to protect our water and environment for our future generations. I have a plan to improve the stopping of illegal dumping in rural areas of Travis County.


Community Policing - Law Enforcement more involved in our Neighborhoods and Community Events. With community policing people will have more trust in Law Enforcement. It's like meet and greet on a regular basis in the community. The people will be more open with Law Enforcement on what's going on in our community.


We need more affordable housing in Precinct One.

I've built affordable housing in East Austin Precinct One, I understand the need for affordable housing. People are having a hard time trying to find affordable housing, especially those that have financial problems. We need to give them a chance to progress. I have a plan for affordable housing. The average lot in Austin is approximately $100,000.00. In rural areas of Precinct One an average lot is approximately $20,000.00.


I would encourage Businesses to locate in Precinct One; I would offer incentives to New Businesses. This will create new job for Youth, Middle Class people and include job training.


I will hold quarterly Town Hall meetings with Residents and Neighborhood Association to understand there issues and concerns.

I will be Responsive, Respectful, and Resourceful to your needs.



I want to ensure we have funds available for programs for Senior Citizens, the Youth, Disable, and Mental Health.

I will work with the Commissioner's Court and the community to ensure that all available funds are used for programs that are needed.